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Our 4 Pillars

Harmony Collected

Harmony Collected is a community choir based on the Justice Choir model in which singers and volunteers join together to create a community of song whose focus is social, environmental, and restorative justice. HC is a collection of members ages 16 and over interested in creating community and advocating for social, environmental, and restorative justice through music. 

Contemplative Meditation

IAC offers the community a once a month, mid-week opportunity for contemplative meditation. This service ties together the three other pillars of IAC creating a place for those involved in the gallery, the choir, and the studio teaching space an opportunity to showcase their work to the community in a meaningful and spiritual way. Through music, dance, and visual arts, this service welcomes all - those with great faith and those with no faith at all.

The Gallery @ IPC

The Gallery @ IPC to offers a space to the community where artists can display their works, host events, and lead workshops.

Studios @ IPC

Studios @ IPC offers space to community members to teach applied arts lessons (music, dance, and visual arts) and, in turn, creates a space where the community can come to learn through one-on-one instruction.

"Creativity takes courage"

                                                             - Henri Matisse

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